Pet Sitting Services

Midday Relief
Have a puppy that can’t quite make it through the day without a potty break? A cat expecting kittens at any moment? Kathy the Critter Sitter offers a visit in the middle of the day that includes fresh food and water, a potty break, an email or text message update and medication as needed.

Daily Walks
Are you finding it difficult to find time to properly exercise your pet? Kathy the Critter Sitter is here to help. We will visit your pet during the day and take him out for a walk.

Each standard walk is 30 minutes.

We can either fast walk or slow walk your dog depending on their age, health and their mood on that particular day. Don’t forget that exercising is a great way to rehabilitate your pet after injury or surgery.

Pet exercise visits occur between 6:30am and 5:30pm. We will make every effort to accommodate requests for a particular time slot These training sessions are a great way to help to leash train your pet. We do recommend individual sessions for dogs that have not been trained on the leash yet. Slots outside these times are available, just ask.

Kathy the Critter Sitter visits and cares for your pet in the comfort of your own home. No boarding, no kennels, no small cage, no asking your neighbor for ANOTHER favor, just love, affection, and care in your pets home!

Each visit includes fresh food and water for your pets, a bathroom break, a walk if requested, plenty of playtime and belly rubs. Medicine can be administered as needed. We will also perform basic house sitting services, such as mail retrieval, rotation of lights, watering plants and taking out the trash.

Pet sitting is a wonderful way for you to have the peace of mind, knowing that your family pet is being well taken care of, while you are on your business trip or the family vacation.

There are many benefits of Pet sitting vs. a Kennel:

  • No pet stress from the sudden change in the environment
  • No new animals to cause your pet to get sick
  • Crime deterrent, since your house looks lived in
  • Your pet is waiting for you when you return rather than having to find the time during business hours to pick up your pet
  • Lots of love, attention and belly rubs
  • Daily exercise

Pet Taxi
Whether it is you are tired of spending your Saturday taking your pet to the groomer, you can’t find the time, or you just can’t stand to see your baby get his annual shots, Kathy the Critter Sitter is happy to escort your pet any where they need to go.

Each taxi ride includes transportation to and from their appointment and an email or text message update once we return home.

Please be sure to leave all necessary equipment such as collars, leashes or pet carriers in a place that is easy to find. Kathy the Critter Sitter will also need to have a Vet Release Form on file for each animal that is to be transported.

It is up to your Pet Care Provider to refuse transporting multiple animals together if they feel it is not in the best interest of the pets. This will be discussed before the scheduled trip to avoid problems.


Not comfortable leaving your home unattended? Do you want to come home to a clean pooch? Let us know what you need and we will do our best to accommodate. Currently we offer:

Key Service Kathy the Critter Sitter will obtain a key at the initial consultation and keep them on file until our services are no longer necessary. All keys are kept in a secure location, but if you are not comfortable with keeping keys on file you will be charged a trip charge for us to obtain or return. Keeping the key(s) on file can also be useful if you find yourself locked out for whatever reason. After hours trips incur additional charges.

Bathing Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a clean pet? The last thing you want to worry about after traveling is giving the dog a bath. Let Kathy the Critter Sitter take care of it for you!

Pet Overnight’s Rest assured Kathy the Critter Sitter will be with your pet(s) all night. This comes with playing, cuddles and belly rubs. Oral medication given as requested. We will walk them at night and in the morning. If wanted a mid day visit is only $10.00.

House Sitting You don’t have to have a pet at home for us to stop by and check on the house. We will perform basic house sitting services, such as mail retrieval, rotation of lights, watering plants and taking the trash to curb. If you have a special request, just ask. We are here to help you!